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Clean Patrol Cleaning Services, Inc. is a proudly Filipino startup registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. Our primary objective is to provide innovative and effective cleaning solutions that meet our clients' contrasting and evolving needs. Concurrently, we hope to create uplifting employment opportunities for our fellow Pinoys. We see cleaning as an effective agent for positive change - for the environment, for communities, for people. 


We train and develop our cleaners, whom we proudly call our 'Patrollers', to have the mindset that they are Cleaning Professionals with a mission to improve our clients’ quality of life in their own simple way. We make sure that our Patrollers are able to take ownership of their accomplishments through our Rate Card System and nurture their professional grow through our Team Development Program.


The effect has been heartwarmingly positive, with our Patrollers taking pride of their jobs and delivering better cleaning results, resulting to super satisfied clients (many of whom have been served like family).

Since our incorporation in November 2017, we have grown to four stations in Metro Manila (North Metro, Mandaluyong, Alabang and BGC) comprising around 50 Patrollers who are always ready to take on big or small cleaning jobs.


We envision ourselves as the new generation of cleaning professionals - the market’s best choice for all cleaning needs. We hope to always remain client-centric, but with a firm commitment to be always be fair to our cleaning team.

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