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Our cleaning packages and time-based cleaning assistance were carefully prepared to address the different requirements of our clientele. While cleaning packages were designed with a specific cleaning objective in mind, our time-based cleaning services were designed to address more frequent and basic cleaning assistance needs. 

General Cleaning

Think of our general cleaning service as how you would clean your own home -- but with a team of experienced cleaners deployed to you, so you wouldn't have to do it yourself. It is a traditional comprehensive cleaning of your space by a team of at least 2 cleaning specialists, using regular cleaning equipment such as vacuums, dusters and mops.

Package Inclusions:

- Tidy up visible clutter

- Comprehensive cleaning of up to 3m height clearance using our ladders

- Dusting and vacuum cleaning of floors, walls, ceiling and lighting fixtures

- Wiping and disinfection of furniture and other hard surfaces

- Spot disinfection of frequent touch points (such as door knobs and lighting switches)

- Window cleaning (interior and exterior w/ safe access)

- Polishing of wooden furniture and metal fixtures

- Changing of linen and garbage bags


- Upholstery Cleaning

- Appliance Cleaning

- Aircon Cleaning 

- Sorting and Decluttering (time-based assistance)

- Grease Trap Cleaning

- Scaffolding Rental (for cleaning at height from 3.5m and up)

- Material waste disposal / hauling services

- Antimicrobial Fogging 

- UVC Blasting

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